Fall 2020 Courses: “Journeying and Storytelling” and “Food & Food Horror”

Journeying and StorytellingPosted August 22, 2020:

I am very excited to be teaching two new courses at Fordham University this fall — the 3000 level course “Journeying and Storytelling” and the 1000 level course “Food & Food Horror.”

The upper level, literature focused, “Journeying and Storytelling” course will explore the theme of journeying from Homer’s The Odyssey to future-oriented visions of displacement and migration. Along the way, we will consider how stories of geographical discovery are also stories about the discovery of the self. Topics of discussion will include exile, tourism, diaspora, homelessness, and homecoming. You can see the course’s reading list here.

“Food & Food Horror” is a writing intensive course that teaches students to write effectively by using correct grammar, sound logic, and persuasive rhetoric. While the course’s primary focus is on bettering students’ writing, it will also focus on the topics of food and food-related horror. The course begins by considering students’ personal experiences of food before moving on to cultural practices relating to the production and consumption of food. In the later half of the semester, we will turn our attention to another, perhaps surprising, part of food studies — food horror — as we consider why so many horror films revolve around the consumption of humans, as we consider: “What does it mean to eat? What does it mean to be eaten?”