A newly minted PhD, I defended my dissertation, “Subaqueous Poetics: Oceanic Depths in Modern and Contemporary Poetry,” in spring 2020 at Fordham University.

My research explores how poets from the last 120 years have depicted the ocean depths. I argue that works by modernist poets like H.D. and Muriel Rukeyser, as well as contemporary poets like Craig Santos Perez and Cecilia Vicuña, offer us new conceptual possibilities for thinking about the entanglement of human and non-human experiences, while also showing how social and ecological justice are intimately intertwined. Broadly speaking, I argue that we can find in poetry since the French Symbolists a genealogy of thought prior to, and reflective of, the explosion of Anthropocene discourse we see today.

My peer-reviewed work has been published in Atlantic Studies, JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, and Radical Philosophy Review.

Please feel free to contact me at apinnix@fordham.edu