My Interview on Unchefed, “Plastics are Anti-archives,” is Available!

Posted September 15, 2021:

I am quite pleased that my interview with Brendan and Matt, hosts of the podcast “Unchefed,” is available below and at In this interview I discuss a few interconnected ideas that are near and dear to my heart, and research. As they note on the write-up for this interview:

In this episode, Dr. Aaron Pinnix discusses how future generations are impacted by food through different kinds of archiving. The interview starts with how we manage seeds before discussing keeping and passing on culture through cookbooks. We also get into how fast food culture has impacted the way we view food.

The rise in plastic usage has impacted our oceans as well as the food we rely on them for. We get into that a bit as well.

A little background on our guest, Dr. Aaron Pinnix has been working diligently on making nuanced connections between practices and their effects focusing largely on the ocean and the buildup of plastic within it.

Listen below, but also check out their great website. I’m really pleased to have been invited to speak with them about these issues.