As I’ve learned from teaching introductory and advanced composition courses, literature courses, and honors courses, the same interests that fuel my research, namely valuing and bringing diverse narratives into the academic conversation, is an important means of prompting greater student engagement, while also creating a more equitable space. I believe it is this sort of innovative approach to pedagogy that led to me receiving the 2018 Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award, as well as being selected for Fordham’s prestigious 2018-2019 Senior Teaching Fellowship.

Rather than a top down model of information dispersal, my approach emphasizes building a shared class-wide body of knowledge that prompts students to value and draw on their own experiences, while also helping each other to learn. 

I have also served as the Fordham Lincoln Center Honors College Graduate Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator (2018-2019). In this role I worked with other professors in the Honors College to construct and lead first year writing and rhetoric courses in which students submitted work would be commented upon and workshopped before being submitted for other courses. This interdisciplinary approach meant that we covered writing and speaking for a wide range of academic fields, from theology to science, culminating in a First Year Honors Conference in which students shared their research interests with other members of the Honors College

My food focused Composition course, “Writing and Food,” has received a number of awards, including the Fordham English Department’s Inaugural Graduate Syllabus Prize (2017). 

I’ve also received additional training in Jesuit education through Fordham’s Spring 2019 Jesuit Pedagogy Seminar.

Courses I have taught include:

Honors: Speech and Rhetoric (Fordham Honors College, Spring, 2019).

Honors: Writing Intensive (Fordham Honors College, Fall, 2018).

Science Fiction and the Social Imaginary (Fordham English: Texts & Contexts, Spring 2018).
Reading List

Literary Oceans, Economic Currents (Fordham English: Texts & Contexts, Fall 2017).
This course was developed specifically for students of Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business.
Reading List

Writing and Food (Fordham English Composition and Rhetoric II, Fall 2016 – Spring 2018).

Writing NYC (Fordham English Composition and Rhetoric I, Summer 2017).

First Year Composition (ENGL 110), Spring 2014, at Manhattan College, Bronx, NY.

College Composition (ENGL 101), Fall 2011-Spring 2013, at University of Maine, Orono, ME.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss pedagogy at all!